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Monday, November 28, 2011

[Advent Conspiracy] Enter the Story 2011


Let me explain...

Months ago, I started looking into charities committed to helping with the Global Water Crisis and fell in love with the mission of Water.Org. Then at the Casting Crowns concert last weekend all kinds of statistics were being shared about the crisis via World Vision. Last night at church, the Advent video below was shared by the Living Water International organization.

I am a (very) slow learner as additionally two weeks ago I got a very strong message one morning while making plans for our Holiday celebration. Clear, direct and decidely simple - the word that came to me was "water," and I wrote it on the chalkboard in my kitchen. All throughout our busy Thanksgiving time as a family, I looked at the word and gave thanks for the clean water flowing from my sink that I previously had taken for granted so many times.

Yeah - so I think now I am (finally) beginning to get it...WATER.

Water is Life. Water is the most basic physical need of all living creatures. Those of us who have clean water have a moral responsibility to conserve it, to protect it, and most of all, to share the blessing of it by helping EVERYONE in the world to get it.

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