Peace for your Path...

"peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." (unknown)

Monday, October 31, 2011

to our sweet Jack Skellington...'s hoping you are Wellington today. 

Happy Halloween!

P.S. We tried to make you smile.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

magnificent mandalas

It was such a fun night at The Episcopal Church of The Good Shepherd making nature mandalas with new and old friends. Special thanks to Merike Seely for all her preparation (and this great reflection about the evening) and all the lovely and creative GreenSpirits who attended.

Visit our Labyrinth Wellness Facebook page to see the full photo album! 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

gratitude to Schola Ministries for their special sharing...

I was so honored this week that Schola Ministries requested a copy of the recording of The Wisdom of the Labyrinth's July 8th, 2010 episode entitled "The Sacred Music and Ministry of GreenFaith Fellow, Sister Kathleen Deignan" to post on their beautiful website under "Conversations." 

Doing this interview was such a blessing to me last summer. The audio recording of it is also shared here in our own blog's sidebar. I hope you enjoy the personal stories of this amazingly soulful individual as much as I have loved listening to them again. Sister Kathleen's work in the world is truly an inspiration to our entire family. 

And her loving friendship is a treasure to my heart...

Monday, October 17, 2011

walk the labyrinth with us this Thursday at The Episcopal Church of The Good Shepherd

We'll be there from 10am to 12pm so please stop by any time to experience The Good Shepherd Labyrinth in its beautiful outdoor setting. The month, we'll learn more about the mission of Green Spirits:


October 26, Wednesday 
Create your own 
Nature Mandala. Quiet your mind and be guided by 
your own creativity. No artistic ability required. All  
materials provided. Free. 6:30-8:00pm in the church 

If you have any questions about upcoming 
events or Earth Stewardship at Good Shepherd, please 
call Merike Seely, the Green Spirits Committee Chairperson in the church office any weekday at 746-4674.

Visit WWW.GOODSHEPONLINE.ORG for more details

start your own chain reaction - learn more about the mission of Rachel's Challenge

Whenever I complain about a problem (see below post about the lyrics of the popular song,"Pumped-up Kicks"), I try learn how to be a part of the solution. Please visit and meet Rachel Scott: 

Take a few moments to learn about her beautiful and too-brief life and read her powerful words...

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I was loving this song when I first heard the band perform it on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. When our son told me he's heard it everywhere, and then asked me what I thought the singer was really talking about, I focused in on listening to the cheerful lyrics. And then my blood went cold...

This article is a good place to start with your own research. Please share and talk to your kids...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Robin's ladder

I was feeling super out of sorts this morning, so I let Lily take me on a walk through the neighborhood. My girl is much more stubborn and strong-willed than me (yes, that is possible), so really I had no choice...

Lily led me right to a rarely visited spot behind the playground that was cool and damp and breezy. I stood for a while, quietly watching a hawk soaring high above us next to one lone, wispy cloud. Then, I stared for a few moments at a magnificent dragonfly darting in and out of the shade just above our heads. 

The brilliant red flowers of a bush caught my eye. I had just moved closer to snap a photo with my phone, when I noticed these palm fronds stacked exactly like stair steps, one right after the other all the way up nearly twenty feet in a spiral around their tree. 

I thought of Jacob's dream ladder in Genesis and realized that right now I feel probably about as unsure as he did when he began his journey to a new land. Although work life is changing in good and exciting and blessed and terrific ways, even "good" can be scary as hell. 

In viewing my leafy ladder, I recall that dark, lonely night when God gave Jacob the vision he needed most. Today, that story of Hope has helped me to begin to shift my own vision out of the worrisome depths of wondering and back upward where it belongs.

Though I'd much prefer to SEE the path ahead of me and exactly where to step next, I do know that Path is most surely there...(somewhere).

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"have the courage to follow your heart and intuition..."

my personal, peaceful, and non-political plea

And so it begins...again.

Each time we get close to an election year, they start arriving. The forwarded emails. And each time, feelings are sure to get hurt all around. This year I am doing a bit of  lobbying of my own right from the very start.

So, here goes:

(and oh, dear God, how I pray that my heart will be heard when I ask my friends once more this year)

kindly refrain from sending me any type of political-themed emails from any political viewpoint  
(especially those with any overtly religious slant)

And here is why...

Because I will love you regardless of how you vote. I will. I do not care. I do not want to know who you want to win. I only want to know that you take your voting every bit as seriously as I do. Which, I do take

v-e-r-y  s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y. 

I hope that you will love me, too. And if not, then I tend to think that is your crisis of faith problem, not mine.

Yes. I know the issues. Trust me. I spend many (many) hours online every day reading and researching.
The issues? I got 'em. Thanks, though.

Yes. I know that many people of my particular faith background tend to vote a certain way. I often tend not to vote that way. And sometimes, I tend to vote that way. You see, I can actually go both ways. I study all the issues. I research all the candidates and then I pray with all my heart, soul, mind and body and then I vote.

Yes. This process works for me. This is how I do it. Thanks again for your concern, but I really, honestly, respectfully, truly, prayerfully and humbly say to you now from my deepest and most loving heart space that
 your advice.

Really, I don't.

But I do love you! :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So, I was just Facebooking and Tweeting away all morning, happily sharing with others about our lovely partner charity for OurGift.Org of The Palm Beaches, and the beautiful community event we attended last night to learn even more about their fantastic mission when suddenly a Truth smacks me right between the eyes. Whack!

And my head is spinning as I sit here trying to remember how it all happened. I'll try to write it out until I understand it a little better. Here goes...

First, I saw a hateful photo on an old friend's profile page that made me catch my breath with disbelief. Then, I saw a quote on another blogger friend's page that made me laugh. Next, I read a new posting on The Charter for Compassion's page and began thinking of the mom who spoke last night at the Parent-Child Center, Inc. event about her young daughter who was bullied so much that all her hair fell out from the stress. And then the handsome teen who spoke of how he was also bullied in school, because, of all things, he had cancer.

The Charter for Compassion is based on The Golden Rule with the whole "Love your neighbor as yourself" idea. Well, maybe, I began to sense that all these mean things are happening through people to others because the people doing, saying, posting, and believing it all DO NOT REALLY LOVE THEMSELVES. They look into the mirror and they hate the person looking back, but they don't even realize that they do. They think they are standing up for their "rights," but it is more that they desperately need to feel they are right and that someone else is wrong. They need to "WIN!" They excuse their actions by telling themselves they are setting a good example by teaching others who aren't "deserving" an important life lesson, but they are instead acting completely out of their own personal fear and miserable self-hatred.

I am referring to the scowling lady behind you in the grocery line, the loud guy at the next table in the restaurant, the arrogant minister, the judgmental news host, the boisterous politician, and - especially - the terrified person looking back at you from the mirror. The violence our children are acting out on one another in our society is being modeled first in own cozy American homes. The blood is on all our hands...

What if the truth is that we really can't stand to look at the One behind our eyes? Could we be the person who is actually unloved, not at the hands of the strangers we call bullies or enemies, but rather by ourselves?

Why are you - why am I - so unlovable? Is it because of some past mistake that I cannot forgive myself for allowing to happen? Or is it a lie someone who also didn't love themselves told me about myself that I believed and made into my reality when it never (ever) was true?

If we are called to love others as we love ourselves, then it seems to me we have quite a bit of work to do. We could begin by understanding the pain within the one person whose bones and flesh and heart and mind we are borrowing and walking around with here on earth. Hating ourselves breeds hatred in others. We can't take the first step toward truly loving our neighbors until we begin to love ourselves. We can't have compassion for other people whose cultures are not our own until we first cultivate a deep passion for what it is we truly believe within our souls. And we surely can't forgive our enemies until we first forgive ourselves.

And that is what (I think) I learned today.