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"peace. it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart." (unknown)

Monday, January 10, 2011

a fairy's tale

Once upon a time, I tried to buy this little "Good Earth Fairy" doll for two different special little girls in my life this Christmas. She was sold out both times in two separate catalogs. I was disappointed but resilient that I would eventually find her for them both at some point.

Suddenly, there she was smiling up at me last Friday afternoon from her bright green recycled box marked 60% off at one of my favorite book stores. Her certifed non-toxic, chemical-free natural cotton and linen fairy outfit perfectly complimented her golden organic yarn locks. I gave a little squeal since I was so thrilled  to find her so quickly. I began thinking of my plans to tuck her away for the first of the two girl's upcoming birthdays.

While in carline that same afternoon, however, something in me shifted selfishly. It was the shoes. I am embarrassed to admit, but usually, with me, it is often about the shoes.

The Good Earth Fairy has green velvet slippers. Let me repeat that - green velvet slippers. Lord help me.

I was stoking them gently just as my almost-teenage son climbed into the car. He looked curiously at The Good Earth Fairy lying on the front seat and then at me. I explained it was the gift I had been shopping for the two little girls all Christmas, but then I said, "she has green velvet slippers."

"Mom, you have to keep her then. You know you have to keep her. You can't give her away. You just can't."

Gosh. I love my kid. He is going to make one special girl one heck of a fantastic husband someday (far, far, far away someday in the very distant future)....

And so, The Good Earth Fairy lived happily ever-after right here on my computer desk. She has taught me that sometimes Gifts are meant to be given and sometimes they are meant to be received. I needed a little "permission" to receive my Gift this time, but I hope your arms are flung wide open to receive each and every one of yours this year without justification. Get ready, ladies (and men)!

Spirit truly is a wonderful Giver of Gifts.

The End


Anonymous said...

A great story. Love it!

deborah said...

velvet green slippers that need a little stroking? i can see your dilemma. we all need a little fairy to watch over us, don't we? xoxo