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Sunday, April 25, 2010

enjoy a children's book/DVD combo and help support a wonderful cause

I am honored to have been asked to review award-winning children's author Tina Marie Turbin's delightful book Danny The Dragon "Meets Jimmy" and the newly released DVD by the same name. I enjoyed this gentle tale about Jimmy and his sister, Sally, and their dog, Freckles, who find a very special green and white talking shell on a family trip to the ocean.

Exciting things happen when the kids bring the mysterious shell home. Danny the Dragon and his navigator, Skipper, make a surprise appearance during the family's dinner. New friendships are quickly made and the stage is set for an adventure that is sure to continue in upcoming books. The cheerful illustrations by Aiija Jasuna compliment each page and will no doubt engage even the youngest reader.

Yet what made the experience of Danny The Dragon "Meets Jimmy" even more enjoyable for me was the pleasant surprise of learning about the Ms. Turbin's deep commitment to The Blossum Montessori School For The Deaf in Clearwater, Florida. While viewing the DVD, I learned that 93% of all deaf children are born to normal hearing families, but only 10% of those families learn to communicate effectively with their own children. Equally troubling is the statistic that 85% of high school graduates read at only a 3rd to 4th grade level.

This is part of what motivated Tina Turbin to partner with Carol Downing, Associate Director of Blossum Montessori School of the Deaf. Ms. Downing provides enthusiastic sign language interpretation of the story directly alongside each page which is read aloud by Janis Welch. The run time for the Danny The Dragon "Meets Jimmy" DVD is only 12 min so keeping the attention of the youngest viewer is not an issue.

Ms. Turbin has agreed to donate 50% of all the proceeds of the sale of the DVD (published by Imagination Publishing Group) to The Blossum Montessori School. The other half of the proceeds of the $24.95 DVD will be given to other charities the author supports.

Such generosity surely benefits everyone involved....

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