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Monday, November 9, 2009

seeking the symmetry of the soul: a reflection on an amazing week

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my numerous photos (33 and still counting) posted here on my blog of my trip to my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky the week before last. I had the incredible opportunity of attending SEEKING THE SYMMETRY OF THE SOUL: BIENNIAL LABYRINTH CONFERENCE October 26-30th at the Louisville Seminary. It was truly an amazing week.....

Our first three days consisted of intense lecture and hands-on learning exercises with Robert Ferre of Labyrinth Enterprises. Robert is one of the best known and most respected labyrinth builders in the world. His "Labyrinth Making MASTER CLASS" was very intense as we studied in-depth about sacred geometry and labyrinth history and construction techniques.

The final two days we had the pleasure (and physical challenge!) of actually BUILDING a permanent labyrinth. This building project was a joint effort of three well-known, very highly respected Louisville establishments: The Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, Sullivan University and Historic Farmington. Long hours of planning and intense work went into this team endeavor long before any of us took our first measurements or laid our first brick.

Though I had to leave to catch my flight back here to Florida a couple of hours before our labyrinth was completed, I thoroughly cherished every moment of the construction process. I loved taking measurements, lugging sand, troweling trenches, carrying bricks and placing them in place to make our brick and grass path.

I am sure I left part of my soul in the soil....and I know I am a better person for it.

Special thanks to David Sawyer of Louisville Seminary, Renee Rust-Yarmuth of Sullivan University and Robert Ferre of Labyrinth Enterprises. Thanks to the staff of Farmington as well....Thanks, too, to all my new labyrinth friends around the world. I will always remember our fellowship.

My trip could not have been possible without the love and unending support of my husband, Scott, and the prayers of our son, Dylan, who kept things going here at home during my five nights away (and met me at the airport with flowers - thanks, Loves!). Ann, Steve, Jake, Davis and Matthew, thanks for your hospitality and for all your love, too. Virginia, you are the BEST!!! Lisa and Maddie, I loved seeing you guys, too. Ann Mary, what would I do without you? I treasure you all....

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Jenjen @GottaLoveMom said...

What a wonderful way to get together for a greater cause!
Every brick is a labor of love and unity.
Thanks for sharing!