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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the grand bahama labyrinth in the garden of the groves


During my recent visit on April 3, 2009 to Grand Bahama Island with my family, I had the most wonderful pleasure of meeting Ms. Barbara Chester in person. Barbara and I had corresponded via email since I interviewed her for my article entitled "The Grand Bahama Labyrinth" in the Winter 2009 edition of The Spirit of Veriditas, Voices From the Labyrinth. . Please enjoy my article on page 6 of The Journal by following the link below:

Our Spring Break trip to the Bahamas was extremely last minute. I had no idea until we were in the taxi to our hotel and we passed a sign that we were staying so close to The Garden of the Groves. I had not tried to contact Ms. Chester prior to my arrival to let her know I was coming and we had never once even spoken live on the phone. For about a day, I mulled over whether or not I should try to find her. Finally, I decided I would likely always regret it if I didn't. After several failed attempts with the local phone book, I finally obtained her cell phone number and I dialed....

Ms. Chester could not have been more delightful after receiving my surprise call! She immediately rescheduled her busy afternoon and arrived to pick me up at my hotel a short time later. For three glorious hours, I toured the paradise of her lovely island sanctuary. The Grand Bahama Labyrinth that she has created for her beloved community was even more beautiful in person than I had envisioned.

I enjoyed meeting a three-year-old darling boy named Daniel who was visiting the labyrinth with his family for the very first time. As you can see from this video, Daniel completely embraced the labyrinth from the moment he stepped on it with Barbara and his mom:


In a few short moments, he was intently following the lines of the sacred path all on his own:


While I watched and absorbed the beauty of this scene and the company of this precious child, I was lucky enough to learn a bit more about a very special native tree and its unique fruit. Barbara and Daniel's grandmother kindly allowed me to eavesdrop on their conversation about the many uses of tamarinds:


Barbara invited Robbin Watchell, editor of The Bahamas Weekly to join us and cover the excitement of our meeting. Please enjoy learning more about The Grand Bahama Labyrinth and all the happenings on this beautiful island at .

The day was such an incredible blessing to me. It truly embodied the remarkable way that the labyrinth brings people together as only the labyrinth can do. My journey across the ocean and my new friendship with Ms. Barbara Chester truly came full circle in The Garden of the Groves. I will be forever be grateful for the Grace of this experience....


ntmjbmom said...

What a gorgeous setting..and that little boy is too sweet.

So glad you were able to connect with
the creator of such a beautiful place!

Robin Bradley Hansel, PT, CPI said...

Thanks, friend! It was a very special day....